PES 2018 Wishlist – A Highly Awaited Game

If you are an avid gamer and a soccer fan, there is a high chance that you have heard about Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Consisting of a series of football games developed by Konami, PES is slowly making its way to the top. The overall success of PES 2017 has made the franchise a highly popular series amongst the gaming community. Fans are now busy in trying to predict PES 2018 release date and are sharing their PES 2018 wishlist. Such lists include the features and improvements fans want to see in the recent addition to the series. This shows their level of excitement and expectations that they have already attached to the game.

The Journey

The journey of PES to success has not been an easy one. First released in 2001, PES has slowly climbed the ladder of quality in the past 16 years. It has now succeeded in leaving a lasting impression in the minds of the gamers through the success of PES 2017.

Not only was PES 2017 well-received among gamers, but it was also lauded for its quality and feel by the critics in the gaming community. Therefore, it was no surprise that Konami, the developer and publisher of PES, announced its plans of releasing yet another game in the PES series.

PES 2017 was not just a rising star. It is also considered to be a worthy competition for FIFA. While it does have its weaknesses, the mere fact that PES 2017 was even compared to FIFA signifies the popularity and potential of the gaming series. While PES is still behind FIFA regarding sales and certain features, it has indeed come a long way from its first installment in 2001. The fact that people are already excited about the release of PES 2018 and are busy making their wish lists speaks volume about the game.

PES 2018 Wishlist Image

PES 2018 Wishlist Image

PES 2018 Wishlist

Well-known for its graphics and attention to detail, PES has already set the bar very high with the release of its latest game. Therefore, people now expect PES 2018 to live up to the legacy. It is true that PES 2017 witnessed considerable progress compared to its predecessors. However, fans believe there is still room for improvement. Since more and more gamers feel connected to the game, all of them have wishes which they want to see fulfilled in the next addition.

Let us present you with a holistic wish list for PES 2018. This includes the features we, along with other gamers, want to see included in the game.

1. Gameplay with a natural feel

PES is known to provide its players advanced graphics. The act of passing and shooting the ball in the desired direction is smoother than its previous games. However, PES requires improvement in its movement. With developments in the field of technology, it comes as no surprise that gamers now desire that the games they play are as realistic as possible. The movements of the soccer players in the PES series do not appear natural enough. Once Konami fixes this problem, it can truly compete with FIFA.

2. Licensed teams

One of the strengths of FIFA is the realistic look of the players. Such a look and feel help it stand out. Fans wish that PES would do the same. By licensing different teams, PES 2018 would be more realistic than PES 2017. PES already has a license for the Champions League and Europa League. However, compared to the vast inventory of licensed teams in FIFA, it is a comparatively insignificant amount. By adding more licensed teams, PES can aim to improve the details of the players, the stadium, and the overall look of the game.

3. Upgrade online servers

Every game these days is available both online and offline. Online games allow gamers to interact and compete with their fellow players on an online platform. It provides a more exciting and competitive gaming environment. While PES’s offline games are a blast, its online servers lag and need improvement. This lag leads to annoyance amongst players and as a result, PES fails to retain online gamers. If PES 2018 witnesses an upgrade in its online servers, the game can be smoother than its predecessors. This will allow it to retain more gamers than before.

4. Include a detailed and thorough commentary

A great thing about a good game these days is that it enables you to be truly submerged in the environment of the game. For a soccer fan, a good commentary plays a huge role in the overall experience. Sadly, PES lacks just that. Not only is the commentary abysmal and lacking in depth and detail, but it is also repetitive. Within a single match, the same comments are repeated again and again. By improving the commentary and including names, details, and movements of the players, PES 2018 can truly be an improved version of PES.

5. Improvements in the online Master League

Fans of PES were disappointed by the online Master League due to the number of bugs and lags in the game. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fans wish to see improvements in it. By adding more features to the online mode and correcting the current bugs, PES 2018 can use its online Master League to attract more online gamers.

6. Team names should be accurate

One major thing that sets FIFA and PES apart is FIFA’s aim to provide a realistic experience. PES, on the other hand, resorts to using team names like “Team Red” and “Team Blue.” Such team names don’t help gamers connect with the teams. We wish that PES 2018 will change this flawed legacy of the overall franchise. By including actual team names, PES too can provide gamers with a realistic experience, which will surely add value to the franchise.

7. Introduce a single-player mode

FIFA 2017 included an added feature: a single-player mode. This allowed gamers to follow the storyline of a chosen player. This unique feature helped add a new flavor to the world of FIFA. It is expected that PES will add on to, or at least follow suit, and introduce a similar feature to match the function provided by FIFA.

8. Create a PC version rather than adapting other console versions

PC and other gaming consoles are vastly different in graphics and quality. PES releases its games for a variety of consoles, but the game released for the PC is the same version as that of a console. For example, in PES 2017, PC and PS3 used the same version. This was a disappointment because a PC of today outstrips the quality of a PS3. By releasing the same version for the two platforms, the PC users were provided with a game that compromised quality. This caused dissatisfaction amongst PC users. To combat this, Konami should develop a different version for a PC.

All in all, fans are expecting more additions and improvements in PES 2018 as compared to PES 2017. To maintain its success, it is integral for PES to indulge in continuous improvement. Only then can it live up to the increasing expectations of its fans. Only time will tell whether PES 2018 will impress or disappoint.


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