PES 18 Release Date, Wishlist, Gameplay, Cover, Trailer

There are soccer fans across the world who have favorite players, teams and leagues. They are spirited fans of the sport and they deserve a great game to learn from so they can go and create spectacular moments of their own in soccer. Now these die hard soccer fans can enjoy a game that fuels their spirit. No fans and people all over the world who want to play the newest soccer game can, with PES 2018.

Release Date

When can you enjoy the greatness of soccer with PES 2018?

We are predicting that PES 2018 will most likely come out in September 2017. The publisher of the game, Konami, has always released the game in September and will continue to do so. Based on past release dates we expect PES 2018 to be released in the middle of September most likely on September 16, 2017. So make sure you are ready so you are one of the first to get the game; this way you can experience the amazing changes that have been made to the features and gameplay of the new game.

PES 2018 Game Photo

PES 2018 Game Photo

PES 2018 Wishlist

There have been many great changes and features added to the game to give the players a better experience. The creators at Konami have listened to many requests and have done their best to fulfill them. In this section, we will cover the things that have always made the game great and new features that will make PES 2018 the best version yet!

Fixed Commentary

It is true that in many sports video games the commentary can be repeated many times in just one game. It was like this in the last game, but in this new version we are hoping that it has been fixed. There should be more information about teams, players, stadiums, fouls, and phrases that the commentators of the games have to say. If they have these things and knowledge installed into the game, it will cut back on the repetition of commentary. This fix will make the game much more enjoyable to both play and listen to, creating an even better soccer experience for fans.

Improved Online Servers

In past versions of the game, playing online was not always as enjoyable as it should have been. Konami has worked extremely hard to fix that problem. PES 2018 will have better and updated servers and online services. They will be faster and will have less lag compared to past versions of the game, we expect. PES 2018 and its creators will work hard to create the online experience of playing as great as the quality and fun of the offline experience. With updated and improved online servers, there are more opportunities to create great memories for those who love the sport of soccer and playing with friends.

More Teams

The past versions of the game have had major teams that you could play with such as, Barcelona and Liverpool. The fans of the game still want more however. It would be a well-liked and great feature for PES 2018 to include other major soccer teams like Madrid, Chelsea, and many more. This would create many more fans of the game by giving them more of their favorite teams and more players to play with, improving the experience. The teams that the game has should be correct and have the right names and players. PES 2018 needs to acquire more licenses to be able to use more realistic teams and their players. This will allow more players to enjoy the game with whoever they want to, whether it’s a favorite player or team. These more accurate teams would create an even better experience for people who play the game.

√ No More Unfair Players

We get that there are all-stars and great players that are better than other players of the league, but they do not have to be as overpowering and great as they were in PES 2017. In PES 2018 the players of the game should be more equal in skill and ability, in respect of how good they are in real life. A player like Lionel Messi should be better than other players in the game, but not so good that he cannot be stopped on the field. If this part of the game is fixed, then it will make the game more realistic and a much better competitive experience for people playing the game.

PES 2018 Gaming Image

PES 2018 Gaming Image

Better Soundtrack

Similar to the repetition of the commentary of the last version of the game, it also has a lot of repetition when it comes to the soundtrack. The soundtrack from PES 2017 did not have a great selection of songs and it did not have enough songs. Throughout playing the game it seemed like we could be listening to the same songs over and over again. Although this is a minor detail, it would help tremendously if the game would have many more songs added to it to make it a greater experience and a more fun game.

More Game Modes

One improvement that would make PES 2018 stick out from past versions of the game are different creative game modes. The new game will be creative and if it includes many different game modes it will make it a fun game to play. With the new game modes you will not get bored or want to play another game. Some of these game modes could be mini games, tournaments, survival modes and other creative games. The more game modes, the more involved people can get with PES 2018. These different game modes will be a great addition and will help PES 2018 be much more creative and a better experience than past versions of the game.

Single Player Journey

PES 2018 will be greatly benefited if there is a single player journey added to the game. This single player journey will allow you to play as your own character and follow him and play as him through his journey to professional soccer. This added game mode will make PES 2018 more interactive for gamers and will help spirited soccer fans live out their fantasy of a professional soccer player. A single player journey would add a new aspect to the game that will attract many more players and make the game even more creative than it already is.

PES 2018 Gameplay

√ Improved Visual Effects

PES 2018 is expected to have greater visual effects when it releases. The past games had great visual effects, but there were things that did not have such a great picture such as instant-replays, foul shots, misses and so much more. These setbacks have been improved and will match the great visual effects of the rest of the game. These visual effects throughout the game will create an amazing experience that the last versions of the game were missing. With these new visual effects PES 2018 will be a much more enjoyable game and experience.

Better Graphics

With the new release of this game, big things are expected when it comes to the graphics. The last version of the game had great graphics, but they could still be improved. The good competitors for soccer games that PES 2018 has to compete against is a challenge for the game. The new FOX engine that is running PES 2018 graphics is creating big expectations for the new game. With this new FOX engine the game should have all-around improved graphics. Some aspects of the game that should look better are transitions, animations, realistic players, and it should have a smoother flowing picture to the game. PES 2018 brings many changes and wishes and one of the most important changes should be the quality of the graphics. The improved graphics that PES 2018 could have would make the game so much better and provide such a great experience every time it is played.

Natural Gameplay

The past versions of this game have been great, with very few errors. One of these small errors that lessened the great experience of the game was the natural gameplay. A huge improvement that is needed is the natural and smooth movement throughout the soccer games. Konami has worked hard to make this game as great as it can be and one thing that they need to address is the smooth flow of the games. They will make it feel better and not have as many stopping points and camera flips and things that slow the game down. The gameplay of this game should be much smoother and crisper compared to the last versions to create a more realistic effect. Making the timing, transitions, camera, passing, movements and other natural movements of the game better will help the PES 2018 succeed and become a greater game to let fans of soccer create realistic memories. When they fix this the gameplay of PES 2018, the game will be absolutely amazing.

√ PES 2018 Consoles

If you have a computer or any type of console you will be able to experience the greatness of PES 2018. The new release of the game will be able to be played on all types of consoles. It can be played on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS3, and PS4. It does not matter what type of console you have because you will be getting the great experience of PES 2018 on whatever console you are playing the game on. This variety of consoles will allow any fan of the game of soccer to create memories and live out the spirit they have for the game of soccer, no matter what kind of console they have.

PES 2018 Trailer

The excitement and creativity of the PES 2017 trailer leads us to believe that the new trailer will be even greater and more exciting. It has sadly not come out yet and is predicted to come out in the middle of 2017 because that is when the last trailer came out, only in 2016. The trailer will include some of the new graphics and gameplay and will let us see a glimpse of the new improvements and the great things the game has already offered. We are excited to see the creative new trailer that will definitely leave us wanting to get the game as soon as it comes out. The excitement will continue to grow and we have no choice to wait until the middle of 2017 to see the much-anticipated PES 2018 trailer.


PES 2018 Cover

One of the biggest debates of the game is who should be on the cover. There are so many stars in soccer and it is so hard to decide which one should be the face of the new PES 2018. It is hard to decide whether it should be just one major player or if it should be a great team. No matter what you want to choose, we believe that the cover should be someone who is truly a star and is exciting to watch every time they step on the field. We believe some of the choices for the new cover should be Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, or Xavi. These players should be considered because they are exciting to watch and their excitement they bring to the game encompasses the excitement of PES 2018. We have listed our choices and thoughts of who should be on the cover, but to completely be a great game the cover should be what the fans want. So who do you want on the cover of PES 2018?


PES 2018 is poised to be one of, if not the greatest soccer game of 2018. If you are a spirited fan of soccer and want to create amazing memories of your own with your favorite players, teams and leagues then make sure you stay up to date with when PES 2018 will be released. The new improvements, gameplay and features of the game will leave you with an amazing soccer experience that will leave you wanting to keep playing.

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