PES 2018 Release Date Prediction

The Wait for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Is On

Are you a football fan? Do you love playing games that revolve around football? If so, you must have heard about Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). A series of soccer video games developed by Konami, PES has witnessed an increase in popularity in the past year, which can be attributed to the huge success of PES 2017. Following the predictions of PES 2018 release date, gamers all over the world are eagerly waiting to try out the new installment of the PES series.

A 16-Year Journey

With the massive success of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, it wasn’t a surprise when Konami announced its plans of releasing yet another PES game in 2018. Not only has PES 2017 been appreciated by gamers all over the world, but it has also been compared to FIFA. This comparison to a widely popular and advanced game is the representation of the popularity and success of PES.

The first PES game was released in 2001. With every passing year, Konami was able to improve the game. With Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of the franchise at the beginning, PES now has Alvaro Morata as its ambassador. Over the years, PES was able to climb the ladder of success and leave its mark in the minds of the gamers through its 2017 installment. While PES still lags behind FIFA in sales and features, it has indeed come a long way from its first installment. The fact that people are already excited about the release of PES 2018 speaks volumes about the game.

PES 2018 Release Date Image

PES 2018 Release Date Image

PES 2018 Release Date

Just like movie enthusiasts love to know when their favorite movies are going to be released, the gaming community eagerly waits for any scrap of information about their favorite upcoming games. PES lovers have been keenly awaiting any news regarding PES 2018 ever since PES 2017 came out.

The official release date of PES 18 is yet to be announced. However, that has not stopped enthusiasts from predicting the possible release dates to intensify the excitement of the gaming community.

By observing the trends in the release dates of the past two PES games, people have predicted that PES 2018 will be available for the masses in September 2017. This is because the last two games in the PES series were available to the masses in September 2016 and 2015 respectively. Since it is believed that sticking to a pattern helps in standing out, gamers expect that Konami will keep up its tradition and PES 2018 release the game in September 2017.

Some enthusiasts have taken the art of prediction to another level by predicting the exact date. Such predictions are based on trend analysis of the past release dates. Some claim that PES 2018 will be published on September 16, 2017, while a demo of the game will be available in August.

Even if the exactly predicted date may not be accurate, one thing is known for certain – PES will be released in September 2017. Therefore, if you are a PES fan, keep an eye on your radars in the month of September and enjoy the game you have been waiting for.

PES 2018 Console

While we would know for sure when the game finally arrives, one can predict which game consoles PES 2018 might be available on.

Looking back, the first-ever PES game was released on Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2. As the years go by, the preferred consoles have changed according to the arrival of the latest technology. Last year, PES 2017 was released for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. There is a high probability that PES 2018 will not be released for some of the consoles mentioned above.

Just like other games, when a gaming console gets old or obsolete, companies stop releasing their new games for it. This is because the concerned consoles are unable to support the advanced graphics or features. Furthermore, older devices do not have many users and will not lead to profits. By releasing their games on the latest gaming devices, companies ensure a better quality of the game. By not investing in making the game adaptable for older consoles, they can use the retained money for quality improvement. Therefore, there is a chance that PES 2018 will not be available for PS3 and Xbox 360. Since Konami has never invested in making the game available for Nintendo Switch, there is no evidence to suggest that this will change in the future.

PES 2018 WishList

Gamers have been consistent in some of their wishes in the past few years. Everyone wished that Konami will have better licensing. This is one of the fields where FIFA easily outshines PES. With each addition to its series, FIFA has delivered more realistic players than before and included a vast variety of teams. PES, on the other hand, lacks this. Fans will love to see the inclusion of more teams in PES 2018.

Furthermore, fans hope that PES 2018 features will match the added features of FIFA 2017 at least. Such features include the storyline of a single player. Moreover, improvements in the PC version of the game is also expected in the 2018 game.


PES 2017 marked the peak point for Konami. The game received favorable reviews from both critics and gamers within the gaming community. With such positive reviews backing PES 2017, it is understandable that fans now have greater expectations attached to PES 2018.

Fans and gamers are expecting PES 2018 to be better than its predecessors. People expect it to build on its strengths and fix its weaknesses. The fact that players are now comparing PES 2018 to FIFA symbolizes the expectations that people have for PES 18.

For now, mark your calendars and wait for September 2017 for the release of one of the most popular soccer games. Time will tell if the latest addition to the PES series lives up to the hype created.

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