PES 2018 Features – What We Expect

PES 2017 is out, and now it is time for PES 2018. We are obviously extremely excited and cannot wait for the game to be launched. Since PES 2017 has already been tried and tested, we have formed a list that we believe should be incorporated into PES 2018 features.

PES 2018 Features

Better gameplay    

We admit that the graphics of this game are simply amazing and we could not be happier. However, there is always more to the game than just the graphics; the players’ movements need to be on point and other things need to look just as realistic to improve the gaming experience.

One thing that we hope the company works on is the movements of the players. This includes their ability to run, pass, shoot and all the other actions. It will be only then that we can call the game great.

Tournaments need improvement, especially the major ones

It is disappointing that the company responsible for creating one of the major games in the industry is also one that treats its gaming modes like any other. This should not be the case; these games need to make sure that each and every tournament is unique. We players love tournaments and strongly feel that they need to be improved.

A need for licensed teams

The company as licensed teams and incorporated them into its latest video game. It has also changed its engine to FOX. The only downside to that is you get to experience the best of the graphics while playing essentially the same games.

We are not complaining, but honestly, we would like other teams added as well. Licenses for other teams need to be obtained by the company so that every gamer can choose the team of their liking.

PES 2018 Features Photo

PES 2018 Features Photo

Online server upgrade

There are so many players who love to play online as well as offline. It adds to the fun of the game. We feel that developers have left out that segment of consumers as the game does not work as well online as it does offline. We would love to have a similar gaming experience online as well; hence, we would like for the game to have a server upgrade.

Fixed commentary

The commentary of the game released in 2016 is awful! Not only is the voice of the commentator horrible, but the entire experience is ruined. The comments are repetitive, and in places they are wrong as well.

The developers need to ensure that this does not happen in the next game. More comments should be added, and there should be accuracy as well. And yes, the voice should be changed too; a robot could probably do better.

Online Master League

There were a few bugs in the previous versions of the game, but the one released in 2016 had them fixed. The only sad part about this is that only a few other features were added, which was a little disappointing as we were expecting more.

In the next game, we hope that online Master League has other features added to it. It would attract a lot of attention and could then become the best version of all.

An upgrade to MyClub

Many games have stopped adding MyClub to them. This feature used to be a lot of fun as we got a chance to get up close and personal with the game. It made us feel like we were truly a part of the team. Even though PES already has MyClub, it has only added a couple of features to it when there is a potential for a lot more. Therefore, a good upgrade to MyClub could prove to be the best for all parties involved.

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Team names

Due to non-licensing, the game is stuck with inaccurate names of teams during a game. We are not satisfied with that at all as we want to see the names of our teams being displayed. We want to feel proud of the team that we are playing for and no name being displayed just spoils the fun for us.

Visual effects need to be enhanced

When auto replay is shown, you can spot the difference between the gameplay and the visuals. This difference should not exist as it is a part of the game that we like to watch. Improvement in this will go a long way as it will up the gaming experience for a lot of us.

PC version of the game

Many games are now available for download, and the graphics are just as good as the game you play on your console. Being able to play on the PC will widen the target audience as many gamers prefer playing on their computers rather than on a console.



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